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Creating a Rich Food Environment

Kohkin Chemical is committed to supporting production of safe and worry-free livestock and fishery products through the manufacture and distribution of feed additives and veterinary medicines. As a company playing an important role in "food" supply and a leading company in the livestock/fishery and feed industries, we strive to constantly meet increasingly diverse customer needs.
To renew the trust of our customers every day, we continue contributing to the creation of a rich food environment through the stable supply of livestock and fishery products.

Responsibility as a part of the food chain

The food chain refers to a series of activities related to production, processing, distribution, storage, and the marketing of food and food materials.
As our products are primarily added to feed, Kohkin Chemical's business is a part of the food chain.
We are always conscious that every effort we make to ensure safety and remove worries affects our consumers.

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    Raw Material

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    Feed Additive

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    Feed Millers

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    Food Product

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    Wholesalers /

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