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What we are aiming at is “to support creation of a safe and rich environment of food supply”.

We, Kohkin Chemical, are a company supporting the efficient production of safe and worry-free livestock and fishery products through manufacture and distribution of feed additives, mixed feed and veterinary preparations. Throughout the period from the unstable food situation after World War II to the following rapid economic growth in Japan, feed additives and veterinary preparations of our main products have greatly contributed to the present stable supply as well as quality improvement of Japanese livestock and fishery products.

In compliance with the recent increasing public consciousness about safety and reliability of food, we are aiming at the development of natural source products such as paprika coloring agent, oregano preparations and so forth and we are enjoying favorable reputation for our qualified products exactly corresponding to the consumers' current needs.

Food is essential and also very precious for human life. As one of the leading companies in the livestock and fishery industries, we are willing to continue our maximum effort for keeping our customers' reliance through our activities to meet the ever-higher levels of the public needs and stable supply of high quality products.