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What we are aiming at is “to support creation of a safe and rich environment of food supply”.

Details of Kohkin's Foundation

Our company, Kohkin Chemical Co., Ltd., was founded in 1952 when our founder, the late Mr. Sotogoro Tamaru, came across a scientific treatise reporting "administration of antibiotics to animals promotes their growth" and this caused him to step into the commercial introduction of antibiotics for feed industry in this country. Since then, we have been consistently involved in manufacturing and distribution of qualified livestock and fishery feed additives, mixed feed and medicines. We are proud of our long contribution with our products to the development of the Japanese feed, livestock and fishery industries.

What I take serious view of as the president

 I am confident that the ever-continued growth of a company largely comes from its exertion to properly perform its routine work for smoothly delivering right products to its clients at a right time. Our products are manufactured from a variety of raw materials including imported ones. When we procure a material from a new source, we make it a rule to visit the supplier's site for full investigation of its production situation and we adopt the material only when we find it to be up-to our standard. In the case of our production as well, we strictly perform thorough quality control for not only raw materials but also intermediates and finished products in accordance with the established standard of our own for each item. Once again I want to stress that our capability to properly and regularly practice every routine work is the key for further development of our company and also for fulfilling our social duty as a manufacturer in the food field where the safety is essential.

Kohkin in the Future

Now, it is the time when the safety of food for both environment and human being has become to a matter of primary public concern and it is natural to estimate that this trend has to increasingly affect the livestock and fishery industries in the world. Under the circumstances, our company has been particularly placing emphasis on research and development of natural source products and although some of them have already been successfully put on the market, we are still willing to be an eminent manufacturer whose products enables the users to constantly deliver safe and worry-free livestock and fishery products to consumers. It is my sincere desire to maintain this policy in the future for establishing high significance of existence of our company through our daily works.

Ryoichi Tamaru, President