Our staffs who have professional knowledge and skill are appointed as members of our sales department to serve for efficient production of livestock and fishery products.

Organizing a sales network of our own covering the whole country

We have The First Sales Department for animal nutritive and The Second Sales Department for animal health products and sales offices are located in Tokyo, Osaka and Kagoshima who organize a sales network of our own covering the whole country from Hokkaido to Okinawa. We are selling our products to feed mills, feed additive manufacturers and wholesaler of animal health products. Our sales staffs also have an important mission for establishing a close relationship with our customers through accurately grasping their valuable information for proper feedback to our other departments concerned.

Piling up further knowledge and technology for responding to various needs.

Since the nature of our products requires exact selection and appropriate application, we appoint veterinarians, pharmacists, agrochemists and technical experts of animal farming and fish culture. They are unceasingly learning knowledge and technology through daily visits to users, seminars and/or research circle activities. Furthermore, we are active in involving with practical training of all staffs and also putting efforts for educating our sales force enabling them to flexibly and appropriately respond to the rapid technical innovation and variety of needs.