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The accumulation of our steady research and analytical activities is giving birth to new products meeting our customers' needs.

Promoting manufacture of a large number of products with high quality, safety and excellence in economy.

Our staffs taking charge of research and development are composed of veterinarians, pharmacists, agrochemists and experts in livestock and fishery industries, etc., all of whom work together aiming to create products with high quality and correct effectiveness, and also meeting with customer needs having both economy and safety. We perform series of research and analysis making full use of such high precision measuring instruments as HPLC, etc.,to develop highly standardized products and also carry out repeated field tests which are essential for confirming the effectiveness and safety of products in cooperation with public institutes or facilities.

Focusing on development of natural source products to meet consumers' inclination

We have been focusing on development of natural or natural source products as alternatives of chemical ones in reply to the increasing public concerns on safety as well as our customers' needs and we have been in the development of several products such as "Color Up", a natural egg yolk coloring preparation; "K-Up", a plant polysaccharide preparation; and "Ropadiar Powder", oregano extract preparations, which are well accepted in this market. On top of our in-house development, we are also active in promotion of co-development with other companies both in Japan and overseas for the purpose of successively introducing new and useful products as many as possible.