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Our production set-up with high productivity and close quality control practices manufacturing of highly reliable products.

Practicing strict quality control conforming to GMP by introduction of advanced equipments.

We also place emphasis on quality control involved in the course of production with high reliability and make it a rule to carry out quality control at each stage of raw materials, intermediates and finished products. Laboratories belonging to the 2 plants are sufficiently equipped with a variety of analysis instruments such as HPLC and atomic spectrophotometers, etc., and only those products passed through the strict quality control tests are approved to be delivered to each destination. Cleaning of the site and equipments is punctually enforced with scrupulous care for the prevention of crossover contamination and pollution. A high-level quality control system conforming to GMP is provided in Kyushu #2 and #3 plant.

※GMP: Good Manufacturing Practice. This is an international standard for quality control based on ISO (International Organization for Standardization).