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Our highly professional 4 business units as our driving force materialize stable supply of high quality products.

Kohkin is a company specialized for manufacture and distribution of animal nutritional and veterinary preparations applicable for such animals as cattle, swine and poultry as well as cultured fishes. We have long history and experience in the industries concerned and now hold the steady market share as a top in manufacturing commercial feed additives in this country.

Our organization is composed of 4 business units doing a specialized operation respectively for driving the business effectively. "Research & Development" with the advanced equipments is responsible for giving birth to new products in compliance with various needs from our customers. "Production & Quality control" carries out efficient manufacture, detailed quality control and quick and accurate delivery of our qualified products. "Sales" creates and keeps a close relationship with our customers and provides feedback of their needs. "Administration" accomplishes an integrated management of each plant and sales office in order to obtain higher business efficiency. The knowledge and technology of the respective unit are the driving force of our total activity making it possible for us to get full satisfaction from our customers, which has resulted in the most effective tool for the growth and development of Kohkin.