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From users' point of view, we provide speedy and precise supply of our products by thoroughly promoting efficient rationalization.

Promoting higher efficiency of our total operations from order acceptance to shipment.

Our administration department is responsible for providing our fundamental policy of speedy and precise services to be provided from users' point of view. Nowadays, it is very important to have an efficient planning for production for the purpose of providing stable supply of varied products with high quality on schedule. In 1974, we set up a system for inventory control and production planning to enable us to start standardization of the administration. Since then, we have been gradually improving its efficiency by coding of all raw materials, intermediates and finished products. Thus we have completed a basic system for raw material arrangement, process control and inventory adjustment.

Enabling to grasp inventory and production schedule in real time.

Currently, we adopt a centralized computer administration system connecting all plants, a branch office and sales offices so that we are able to grasp inventory and production schedule in each plant in real time and to respond to our customers' demand at any time. It also enables us to closely classify and analyze the data accumulated so far, which can be useful for performing detailed control including lot management of products. We intend to proceed consolidation of the administration system ensuring us to promote further rationalization in an order accepting operation in the future and to provide speedy and precise services for our customers.